Program Comparison

Q: "Which is the best fleet fueling program for my fleet?"

A: Most fueling programs have benefits and disadvantages. The following Program Comparison can help distinguish which program is best for your company and your fleet operation:

Fueling Program




On Site Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems

$0.11 - $0.16 Per Gallon Lower Than Commercial Retail
  • Lowest Price Per Gallon
  • 24/7 Access
  • Unsurpassed Security, Reporting and Controls
  • Space – AST Systems Require 1-2 Parking Spaces

On Site Mobile Wet Hose Fleet Fueling

$0.03 - $0.06 Per Gallon Lower Than Commercial Retail – Can Be Higher
  • On Site Units/Fleet Fueled Between/Prior To Driver/Operator Shifts
  • Small or Limited Fueling Event Window, Most Often At Night
  • Limited Reporting

Fleet & Commercial Fuel Cards

$0.00 - $0.05 Per Gallon Lower Than Commercial Retail – Can Be Higher
  • 1,000s of Participating Fueling Locations Statewide and National
  • Limited Security Controls or Limits
  • Minimal or No Cost Savings Per Gallon
* Comparison using 24+ unit fleet, operating 100% first shift and 50% second shift . Commercial Retail : Truck Stops or Commercial Fueling Facilities