On-Site Mobile Wet Hose Fleet Fueling

On Site Mobile Wet Hose Fleet Fueling is an efficient alternative and can be an effective solution for Commercial Fleet Fueling for Company-Owned Units, Employee Drivers and Owner/Operators.

On Site Mobile Wet Hose Fleet Fueling provides time-saving convenience, with product pricing often comparable to and competitive with most Commercial Retail Facilities (Truck Stops/Gas Stations).

Initially developed for Construction Sites and Equipment, Wet Hose Fueling can be effective for Commercial Fleets operating single (or double) shifts, in which 85% or more of the fleet is stationery/parked at a single location for a defined period, during which each unit is fueled and gallons dispensed are recorded.

Wet Hose Fleet Fueling offers reduced or limited security controls and is often significantly more expensive in comparison to On Site Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems.