Fleet & Commercial Fuel Cards

Fleet & Commercial Fuel Cards can offer convenience and flexibilities not possible with some fueling programs. Fuel Cards can often compliment and/or complete most commercial fueling programs.

Depending on the Fuel Card Network or Provider (CFN®, Pacific Pride®, Enterprise®, Wright Express® etc.), the number of participating fueling facilities may be in the thousands statewide and nationwide, offering unsurpassed convenience for On-Highway and Long-HaulTrucking Fleets.

Program Pricing for most Fuel Card Networks and Providers is often unnecessarily confusing and complicated. Pricing can be based on posted price, OPIS Daily or Weekly average, or an industry index and can include per-gallon network fees, provider fees or mark-up, facility fees, participant fees out of network fees and delivery fees.

All too often, the final or invoice price per gallon is much higher than the posted price of the participating retail facility. Always be aware of your network providers’ pricing index (or base), fees and charges and be sure to negotiate each rate in advance.

Our C3 Fuels Card Network Partners guarantee complete visibility to the actual pricing index, fees and charges up front, allowing our customers to completely understand their Card Network program pricing.